Heading towards implementation of the true multicultural symbiotic societies !!




Learn their culture,

constitution of identity and

promotion of

multicultural symbiotic societies

to be able to respect at

"NO borders"



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The NPO is very important for my daughter and me. My daughter told me "I want to move for Brazilian kindergarten to Japanese kindergarten" since when she was 4 years old. I had fear to have communication with Japanese teachers, because my japanese ability is low,but I let her enter a kindergarten reluctantly.There wasn't necessary to speak too much in kindergarten, but didn't go so in the elementary school.

I couldn't  to help the homework and issues, because I didn't know Japanese well. Now enters the  NPO, I'm grateful because achieved also a homework and issues.

I appreciate your continued support!!

To progress

 university student came to visit us.

the future

We participate in the  summer festival of the town

My daughter was very terrible attitude in the house, and nothing to did the homework ago. but after entered the NPO the attitude in the house change and hight up the score at the school. I'm very grateful and I hope there will big more.

I support you.

of the world !!

This picture is when came student of MUSASHI UNIVERSITY before. Everyone's smile look so really enjoyed.

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Everyone welcome to "no borders" !! it's education center for to both japanese and foreigner. we contribute  for the next generation future.

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