The NO BORDERS is the group that support from child to elderly of all nationality.

 We aim at the true Multicultural society balanced,and that formed by friend and an expert who has belief "make a good world ".


 We active with from child to elderly to  improve the quality of life in around the GUMMA ,OIZUMI,OTA. 


 Also,We believe to participate various event and local meet-and-greet able be to  constribute active activation.


Support education of after school

Help the homework,remedial of class and preparing for the next day of school at after school.

Activity of recreation

From children who finished the homework move to recreation room to playing.

Constution of Symbiotic Multicultural

We  let to  think about symbiotic  by touching a person of various culture and country.

We partipate in the summer festivals of the town,across get over the barrier of culture, work hard at local contribution.