The NO BORDERS is the group that support from child to elderly of all nationality.

 We aim at the true Multicultural society balanced, and that formed by friend and an expert who has belief

"make a good world ".


We teach the homework children who  coming from schoo, and offer the class,language class with supplementary for children who having low ability  Japanese.

Also, we introduce a program original education children become independent in society 

Activity time: MON to FRI(Holiday:SAT、SUN,public holiday)15:00~20:00

Equivalent Language:


spanish and English

Development of human resources

We received many university students, and work on knowledge of symbiotic multiculture ,improve international understanding.

Also,NO BORDERS contribute on activity that bring up high skill personnel of next generation.

voluntaly person contact us from here :


TEL: 0276-55-1553

MOBILE: 080-4154-3020


Reception time: MON to FRI


Symbiotic multiculture

The NO BORDERS respect connection of company,government,an NGO that local needs.

Realization of "NO BORDERS" is possible by everyone's heart together.

person who become partner, contact us from here:


TEL: 0276-55-1553

MOBILE: 080-4154-3020


Facebook: Npo Noborders

Reception time: MON to FRI 10:00~20:00